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An annual tradition, Golf for Housing raises critical funding to support Habitat for Humanity of Greater Newburgh’s work. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, our Golf Auction will take place online.
Items in the auction include 2 JetBlue airline tickets to anywhere they fly, golf foursomes at Mt Kisco Country Club, and the West ills Country Club, and beautiful handcrafted tables.

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Habitat Newburgh's Virtual Walk Stop #1

Habitat Newburgh kicks off its Virtual Walk for Housing April 26th at Washington's Headquarters

Habitat Newburgh and Pathstone partnered to hold classes for homeowners about homeownership during financial hardship.

Habitat Newburgh needs funds to get us through the closure of the Restore and Construction.

Executive Director Matthew Arbolino's thoughts about the word "humanity" and Habitat Newburgh's mission during COVID19

Construction Update December 12, 2019

On Thursday, December 5, the City of Newburgh Housing Coalition hosted its first Who’s Who in Housing Community Forum.  The general public was invited to learn about agencies serving the City of Newburgh that assist people with their housing needs. The purpose of this event was to re-introduce and connect the residents of the City of Newburgh to its very own Housing Coalition, and to get agencies one to one exposure to the community outside of their normal offices.

Our Sr. Site Coordinator Brady visited Chiapas, Mexico on a Global Village mission.

One of the wonderful things about Habitat for Humanity’s model is the power to mobilize people in their communities to reach across cultural divides and celebrate our shared humanity. Our work is not done alone, and it takes commitment and time to see the impact. Our Day of Service and our day of advocacy are both vivid illustrations of the power of coming together to work towards a common purpose and of what we attempt to do here in Newburgh week in, week out; provide a bridge between people to build together, because we understand that it will take more than a day or a single organization to bring about change for our beloved community.

Susan can usually be found on site Wednesdays and Fridays, grinning and eager to get her hands dirty and learn something new. One of her favorite aspects of volunteering is all of the firsts that she has the chance to experience. From working with new tools to delving into different home improvement projects, the variety has an allure that has kept Susan coming back for almost 2 years.

Students from Gidney Avenue Memorial School fundraised $1389.92 and donated it to Habitat Newburgh! THANK YOU to these generous young people, their families, and their teachers—your gift will help a local family build a place to call home!

Very early on in our conversation Deb stated “Habitat has done more for me than I have ever done for it”. She also referred to her various volunteer duties as “ways to get out of the house” and her “nights out." Listening to her gleefully bound between all of the different selfless deeds she has participated in really clarified how deeply fulfilled and satisfied volunteering makes Deb feel. Deb has the power to lend a hand wherever it is needed, with a smile on her face and a laugh in her heart. And the crazy thing is at the end of the day, she would probably thank you for letting her be a part of it. Thank you Debbie, for being a part of the Habitat Newburgh Family.