Sorry, we are no longer accepting applications at this time.

Applications OPENING SOON.

The Home Repairs Program Is...

  • minor exterior home repairs like porch repair
  • exterior house painting
  • door installation
  • accessibility modifications

Participation Requirements

If you can answer yes to all of these questions, you are eligible to apply

  • Is the home located within the City of Newburgh?
  • Do you own the home you are requesting repairs for?
  • Are the repairs you want done within the scope of the program?
  • Is your income between 30%-80% of the area median income(see income guidelines below)?
  • Are you willing to own your home for at least 3 years after the work is completed except for circumstances like illness or loss of job?
  • Are you willing to pay an affordable fee for the service?
  • Are you willing to support the building process through sweat equity? 

Contact our Neighborhood Revitalization Coordinator at 845.568.6035, x. 104 for more information or complete the application. 

Income Guidelines

Number of People in Household Minimum Household Income Maximum Household Income
1 $21,150 $55,950
2 $24,150 $63,950
3 $27,150 $71,950
4 $30,150 $79,900
5 $32,600 $86,300
6 $35,580 $92,700
7 $40,120 $99,100
8 $44,660 $105,500