City of Newburgh Roof Repair Program

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For City of Newburgh Owner Occupied Single Family Homes

The Homeowner Roof Repair Program is a program of Habitat for Humanity of Greater
Newburgh’s Neighborhood Revitalization Initiative (NRI) in partnership with the City of

Scope of Services

Habitat for Humanity of Greater Newburgh (Habitat Newburgh)will facilitate roof repairs/
replacements of low/moderate-income owner-occupied homes in the City of Newburgh. Habitat
Newburgh’s repair/replacement initiative, allowing up to $12,500 to be used for roof repair/
replacement projects will be administered in the same manner as Habitat Newburgh’s
Homeownership Program, where project approval is contingent upon each recipient’s ability to
meet HUD income guidelines. Each homeowner will be required to provide income statements
and will assume responsibility for any costs beyond $12,500.
These services are provided by Habitat for Humanity of Greater Newburgh at an affordable cost
to the homeowner. If you meet the requirements listed in the Applicant Eligibility section below
please proceed and fill out the Roof Repair Application.


◦ Applicant must be the homeowner residing in a single-family house that is no more
than 2.5 stories high
◦ House must be the primary place of residence
◦ Applicant must have lived in Habitat Newburgh’s service area for at least 1 year 

◦ Applicant must meet household income guidelines [up to 80% of the area median
◦ Applicant must be willing to agree to the Work & Payment Agreement


Contact our Neighborhood Revitalization Coordinator at 845.568.6035, x. 104 for more information or complete the application. 

Income Guidelines

Number of People in Household Minimum Household Income Maximum Household Income
1 $21,150 $55,950
2 $24,150 $63,950
3 $27,150 $71,950
4 $30,150 $79,900
5 $32,600 $86,300
6 $35,580 $92,700
7 $40,120 $99,100
8 $44,660 $105,500