Ready for the Challenge!

I’m quickly learning that every day at Habitat for Humanity is different! Days are filled with laughter, challenges, and hard work. Yesterday was a day that I want to remember in my journey here at Habitat Newburgh. I accompanied our Director of Construction to walk through and inventory 3 houses on Third Street, which were donated to us by local businessman of Primo, LLC and community supporter B. Papaleo. My excitement was evident, and perhaps a bit obnoxious. Still, these houses will be the 1st that as the Executive Director I will be a part of the entire process of transforming into homes for 3 local families! As we walked through them, I could feel the history and energy of the families that had lived there before. Although what remains is just fragments of wood, plaster, and stone, I could envision the new structure and joy they will bring to our families. The properties are directly across from Downing Park and offer a beautiful view and a place for their children to play or walk their dogs. I am not sure our construction director was as enthusiastic, as he is now tasked with rebuilding and constructing decent affordable houses in ruins we were looking at. But I did catch a few twinkles in his eyes as we discussed the possibilities of such amazing structures. He humored me and helped me memorialize this milestone. I have a sneaking feeling they will become part of my own legacy of stories here at Habitat Newburgh.

~Ready for the Challenge!

Executive Director,

Jill Marie