Home Builders Blitz—Building Houses in Just 5 days

Habitat for Humanity’s National Home Builders Blitz began in Wake County, NC in 2002 when 12 professional home builders built 12 homes in 5 days, donating labor and materials, for a total cost of only $84,000 (not including land).

This local idea became a successful national initiative in June 2006, when affiliates across the country, including Habitat Newburgh, participated in the first nation-wide Home Builders Blitz week. Habitat Newburgh partnered with the Hudson Valley Builders and Remodelers (formerly Builders Association of the Hudson Valley) to build 2 houses in just one week. With the tremendous success of the first Blitz, local building industry professionals joined together again in 2008, 2012, 2014, 2016, and 2018 building a total of 11 Home Builders Blitz homes in Newburgh. The 2016 Home Builders Blitz tackled a new pilot project for Habitat for Humanity–our first Live/Work building a three-story mixed-use house in just 5 days.

COVID construction slowdowns and an increase of families in our program had us looking to quickly pick up the pace of constructing our South Street Project. We got creative and will host our first-ever Frame to Finish Frenzy in 2023. We will host 2 events - the Framing Frenzy where we will frame the walls for the entire four-unit project off-site in just 2 days!  The week of November 14th we will put the finishing touches on these houses during the Frame to Finish Frenzy. Landscaping, trim, porches, and painting will get done in the same "Blitz" fashion.

Interested in being part of this miracle of building? Visit the Frame to Finish Event Page or Contact us!

Home Builders Blitz Houses

21 & 23 Johnston St., June 4 - June 8, 2018

123 Washington St. (Live/Work House), June 6 - June 10, 2016

26 | 28 E. Parmenter St., June 9 - June 13, 2014

45 | 47 Chambers Street, June 4 - June 8, 2012

208 | 210 Dubois St., June 2 - June 6, 2008

77 | 81 Monument St., June 5 - June 9, 2006