A Message from Executive Director Matthew Arbolino

Dear Habitat Newburgh Community,

A little over four years ago, I began working at Habitat Newburgh. I loved many things about working with this organization, but maybe most of all the simplicity and earnestness of our vision: a world where everyone has a decent place to live. In order to see this vision through, we partner with incredible families working tirelessly to improve their living situations. We also build alongside volunteers and dedicated staff members, backed by our advocates, supporters, and donors. In cooperation, we've built community as well as homes.

About a month ago, a global health crisis drove us all apart and in doing so, brought us together. Within a few days, 'humanity' took on a different connotation on our website, our business cards, and the front of our building. Our collective efforts have always been for the families we partner with. Typically when making decisions internally, we can ask ourselves the question, "Is this what's best for our families?", referring to Habitat homebuyers and homeowners. Suddenly I was asking myself the same question, but now referring to our homeowners, volunteers, and staff.   

I often say what I look for in those we partner with (staff, volunteers, and families alike) are big hearts, the ability to work hard, and deep belief in our mission. That is no more true than it is right now. Habitat Newburgh is finding new ways to further our mission and we do so with big hearts and hard work. When we come through this crisis, we will undoubtedly live in a different world than before, but our vision will remain the same: one where the focus on home and what home means will be clearer to us all. 


Matthew Arbolino
Executive Director