A message from Jonathan Reckford: Prayer for Las Vegas

Let us be in prayer for all those affected by the shooting in Las Vegas.

Loving God, we come before you with questions that have no answers, with sadness that hangs heavy before us, and with hearts that are numb with disbelief. Even in such pain, however, we feel your presence. We know that your heart is also breaking. For those who have been injured and are in physical and emotional pain, Lord, let them feel your healing touch. For those who have lost family members and friends, Lord, bring them comfort and strength to make it through today. For those who were a part of the crowd and who can’t stop seeing the images and hearing the sounds of hate, Lord, pour your love into their spirits. And God, for those of us who still try to comprehend the horror of terror, we fall to our knees, knowing deep in our souls that you are indeed stronger than evil. We cling to the assurances of love and steadfastness that you offer us. We will seek your presence and your peace as today we commit ourselves to demonstrate your love in ways small and great. In the name of the one who can make all things new. Amen.

Thank you.


Jonathan Reckford
CEO, Habitat for Humanity International